The Every-Phone: Nokia Lumia 625

What is the phone that’s truly ideal for everybody? Having a large display, easy-to-use operating-system along with a Start Screen where it’s easy to make everything bigger, the Nokia Lumia 625 is ideal for all-age range, and it is abnormally well suited for seniors people.

We’ve been speaking to United kingdom pensioner, Isobel Tiney, to discover precisely what she likes most concerning the Lumia 625 and just what causes it to be very easy to get a handle on.

“You just touch the screen very gently,” states Isobel, explaining what she likes probably the most concerning the Lumia 625. “It’s a lot more effort to press the (physical) buttons on my small old phone. And since you can press it so gently, it’s much better for those who have joint disease or perhaps your fingers aren’t so great.Inches

Seniors sometimes have a problem with capacitive touchscreens, because the shows are slightly less attentive to dryer skin. It is not an problem using the Lumia 625, however, since it’s Super Sensitive Touch feature helps it to join up the least heavy press from fingers as well as finger nails. Even gloved finger nails.

We demonstrated Isobel steps to make the written text bigger on Home windows Phone – simply open Configurations, tap ‘Ease of Access’ and slide the written text bar right.

“It’s much simpler to see the written text when it’s bigger onscreen,” she adds, “and I love the very fact all of the buttons around the webpage can be created bigger. The middle-sized symbols are often large enough to make use of, so it’s ideal for all ages.Inches

The onscreen keyboard initially demonstrated the greatest obstacle, with Isobel familiar with a mature Nokia having a traditional T9 keyboard. The Lumia was quick to win her over, however, and she or he describes: “It’s excellent at making corrections while you type.”

Two hands to type

“I may use two hands to type – I can’t do this with my old phone. It’s very easy to obtain the wrong buttons when you are typing in the beginning, but that’s something get accustomed to when you’ve had the telephone for some time.Inches

“I was pressing them on one for reds or another, however, you get accustomed to tapping them in the centre, and it is simple to use. It’s a significant obvious keyboard, really.”

“After some time I discovered it simpler to make use of than my old phone, because all of the secrets take presctiption display. I additionally thought it was faster after i made mistakes there’s much more of a pause if you want to remove words on my small old phone. It’s all really intuitive though.”

Getting got acquainted with the laptop keyboard and texting, Isobel switched her focus on additional features. “I make use of the camera on my cell phone a great deal,Inches she states, “and your camera on that one will be a lot simpler to make use of. And it is great the best way to focus or from photographs once you’ve taken them.”

We demonstrated Isobel how you can add games in the Home windows Phone Store, and she or he adds: “The capability to play games is miracle I certainly like having the ability to play Solitaire. The larger screen means everything’s a little clearer, a little simpler to determine.Inches

“It’s so easy to use – it’s simpler to get a handle on than these phone.”

Add the truth that the Nokia Lumia 625 can be obtained in a more-than-reasonable cost through operator deals with the United kingdom, and it is the perfect phone for seniors. Have you got any seniors buddies or relatives having a Nokia Lumia?

Leave a comment and tell us below – we’d like to find our earliest Nokia fan.

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