It’s very easy to think about a Nokia Lumia because the perfect companion for the Home windows 8 PC. However, switching to some Home windows Phone doesn’t mean you need to give on Apple and OS X. Just the opposite, in fact…

From iTunes and iPhoto to Apple Mail, it may be synced and moved basically.

Before you decide to do other things, it’s important to install Home windows Phone Application for Mac. It’s an excellent utility that enables your Lumia to speak to your Mac, offering a number of software syncing options, which we’ll explore, and the opportunity to browse your Lumia for individual files.

Speaking to iTunes

From inside the Home windows Phone Application, click on the ‘Music’ icon. You’ll now see tick-box choices to sync specific playlists, genres and artists out of your iTunes library. Click on the arrow alongside each artist to determine and choose individual albums. After choosing what you would like to become replicated for your Lumia, click Sync as well as your music can look inside your Lumia’s Music folder.

To sync your whole iTunes library for your Lumia in 2 clicks, simply tap the ‘Select all music’ box towards the top of the page after which ‘Sync’. It truly is simply by that.

Moving movies, Television shows and Podcasts are simply as simple. Just choose and sync. Keep in mind that DRM –protected iTunes content won’t appear because it can’t be performed around the Lumia.

You may also send ring tones for your Lumia out of your iTunes music library. Simply click on ‘Ringtones’, choose the track you would like and ‘Send to Phone’. It’ll come in your available Ring tones list whenever you disconnect the telephone.

Syncing with iPhoto

Having your iPhoto collection on your Lumia is really a similarly stress-free process. Click ‘Photos & Videos’ to visit your shots arranged into Occasions, Albums and Faces. Much like syncing music, choose what you would like to transfer and click on Sync. To change everything, tick the ‘Select all Photos’ and ‘Include Videos’ boxes.

If you wish to find specific photographs, click ‘Browse device’ in the menu around the left to become given a listing of the videos and photos. Although everything’s listed through the cumbersome filename format, you’re given some clue regarding its contents through the Album area, which will explain where in your Lumia the photo is saved. You may also preview images and videos. To transfer these out of your Lumia to iPhoto, just choose single or multiple photographs after which ‘Import Selected Items’.

Nokia Photo Transfer

For additional comprehensive photo-syncing options, use Nokia Photo Transfer. Here you’ll find more choice with where one can import and export photographs to, using the additional capability to browse and pick destination folders.

Load the application, connect your Lumia towards the Mac and checking will commence. The greater photos you’ve, the more it will require. Then, highlight your preferred photos in your phone and click on ‘Import’ to transfer these to your Mac. If you wish to move these to a particular folder – just like your iPhoto collection, or perhaps a Favourites folder, or elsewhere – click on the drop lower menu around the right, and highlight the right folder. Take a look at our full help guide to Nokia Photo Transfer.

Mail me

If you have a Mac, there’s a high probability you have an iCloud email account.

Unlike Gmail and Hotmail, iCloud doesn’t appear among the list of supported email companies for the Nokia Lumia. However, Nokia offers all you need to get began within minutes. Open the Configurations page and tap ‘Email and Account’, then ‘Add an account’. Scroll lower, and press ‘Other account’.

Enter your iCloud password and tap ‘Sign in’. Your email ought to be setup along with a Live Tile is going to be instantly put into your Start Screen.

Have you got every other Lumia-on-Mac tips? Tell us within the comments below.

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