Seem like you are part of Starfleet and cargo your Nokia Lumia 2520 and smartphone using the LCARS Interface. Allow it to be so!

Whenever you watch any scene from Star Wars (Generation X let’s start) shot onboard the USS Enterprise, the pc screens all show LCARS.

The LCARS interface is instantly recognisable because of its clean lines, having a bold and vibrant appearance. Not too unlike Home windows and Home windows Phone.

Produced by Davstar Applications, LCARS Interface for Home windows Phone and Home windows 8 looks precisely real. Not alone that, it really has numerous helpful functions something among the designers have to say is vital.

“It is essential it really works. You will find lots of LCARS type applications available that may entertain, but our applications really are a fun experiment to determine how practical this interface style is perfect for every single day tasks,” describes, David Haddad, among the designers at Davstar Applications.

LCARS Interface shows the starting time and date, includes a functioning calculator, a LCARS designed Internet browser, battery power level indicator and teaches you the elements underneath the atmosphere option while you would expect from the starship console along with other functions that fluctuate between Home windows Phone and Home windows 8 version.

Inspiration for features originates from the customers of LCARS Interface.

“Feedback to date continues to be great! Our Home windows 8 application has almost 300 reviews and/or rankings from around the globe. The typical score is 4.7 from 5 stars,” informs David. “We love listening to things that our customers like and do not like, which this drives the direction we consume future updates. A lot of features which have been added since initial release came from user feedback.”
With increased features coming, expect newer and more effective components, new animations along with other enhancements towards the LCARS Interface.

Davstar Applications encourage anyone who uses their applications in the future forward and then leave ideas for just about any feature demands, if you would want to see something added, drop them a note.

Should you are a large fan of Star Wars, LCARS Interface is essential-have application. As an additional benefit, download LCARS Personnel to restyle the contact list in your Nokia Lumia smartphone to complement the LCARS theme.

Are you currently into Star Wars? Perhaps you have attempted this application? Share your encounters, or feature demands, within the comments section below.

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